My you tube video challenge

Well in a previous blog I mentioned that I had been challenged¬† to do a you tube video. My plan was to record one this weekend & I am happy to report that I DID! Now it has nothing to do about paparazzi but that is ok, but the challenge was to record a you tube video of any kind, so that is what I did ūüôā

We have a park¬† (Edward Madigan Park) not too far from us in Lincoln, Il. It is full of deer¬† (I mean 100’s of deer). They can be sighted early in the morning & at dusk. Right now they are able to be hidden more with the surrounding crops & trees, but once harvest starts you can see tons of them. They are so majestic & pretty & we love ¬†to watch.¬† We call it deer hunting with our eyes. We have done this for the past 4 years or so & both of my bonus kids have said they plan on taking their kids (many years from now…lol) to the park. I love that it has become a traditions & will be forever a lasting memory.

So that is what we did the video on we took a drive thru the park &  as soon as we entered the park we saw a doe. It was the only one we saw, but we still enjoyed it. Now I know I was still behind the camera, but my voice is on there, so that counts, right?  I know it is not the best video by far, but it is a start & for that I am thankful.I will continue to push myself & do more you tube videos. If you would like to see our you tube video please click the you tube link below .



Make a You Tube video….are you kidding me? Me? Seriously?


Every Monday evening my Sponsor (or as I like to refer to her my “PAPA MAMA”) holds a team conference call. This past Monday’s call was about blogging & making you tube videos. She has generated a lot of customers, followers & yes even consultants from people watching her you tube videos. Now I will admit I am subscribed to her you tube station & I have watched all of her videos (some more than once), but ME do a video? Seriously?

Now don’t get me wrong I have a few videos uploaded on You tube, but those are videos of local hero’s funeral processions. I uploaded them because I felt it was important to keep, I want my bonus kids to be able to look back when they are older & really understand what they witnessed. And I feel that is part of our local history & there is nothing wrong with preserving the past.

So back to me doing a you tube video about my paparazzi business, or tips & tricks, how to blog, etc….it scares me to DEATH!!!! I am one always BEHIND the camera not the main “character”. I really don’t like myself on film, so this is a HUGE STEP for me. But I want to push myself & get myself out of my comfort zone.

So this weekend be looking for a you tube video from yours truly. I am scared & nervous, but you know what I will get over it & will look back later & wonder why I was so scared in the 1st place.


Paparazzi has given me FRIENDSHIPS of a LIFETIME!

These past two years with Paparazzi has given me so much, but one of the most important things I have gained is FRIENDSHIPS! I know for a fact that some of these friends are going to be lifelong friends. In some cases it is like we have known each other FOREVER! In 2013 at convention I finally got to meet my “Papa Mama” Lisa & many other ladies I had friendships with thru social media. It was so AWESOME to finally meet face to face!

Here is a picture of me & Lisa at this years convention. 1908417_780363345319568_4057705396339248227_n

At convention this year I got to meet my sweet sweet friend Claire Peters! She is such a sweetheart & I love watching her grow her business & she motivates me everyday to be a better me.  She  truly eats, drinks, & sleeps Paparazzi!  Meeting her face to face was truly one of my high lights from convention this year!

Here is Claire & I meeting “face to face” for the 1st time. I LOVE this picture!


Not only have I made new friendships, I have rekindled old friendships.¬† A couple of my high school besties have joined my Paparazzi team &¬† we have become just as close as we did in high school if not closer.¬† I just am so blessed with the friendships¬† I have gained thru Paparazzi.¬† And it doesn’t stop at fellow consultants, some¬† people I have met as customers or at events I have become friends with. It is just awesome!

Paparazzi is SO MUCH MORE than a way to make money. It brings you friendships, sisterhood, motivation & encouragement.  I am beyond blessed by all that Paparazzi has brought into my life!


I love fall, it is my favorite season. The changing of the leaves, the cool crisp fall air, toasting marshmallows over an open fire, the smell of burning leaves, my list could go on & on. It is also an EXCITING time with my Paparazzi business. Lots of fun events, home parties & facebook/online parties.¬† From September till December it is our “busiest” time. With our AWESOME fun & fashionable jewelry & accessories at just $5 each¬† I could easily be booked at events every weekend thru Christmas! I have to turn down some events because I am already booked, which makes me sad.¬† If you have ever thought about joining our Paparazzi family now is the PERFECT TIME!¬† You could be booked as much as you wanted during this season. You could pay for your Christmas or¬† pay household bills or¬† save for a vacation. I help all my team members get events (if needed), we have weekly calls to help motivate & to get ideas, and I am always just a phone call or email away.¬† You are not left out there to “fend” for yourself, we have an incredible upline & support system. If you join my team you are more than just a #, you are part¬† of my family & I LOVE my family!



Please let me know how I can help you start your own Paparazzi journey. I promise you will be so glad you joined in on this AMAZING opportunity. Let Fall be your season to shine & impower your self & help women feel beautiful $5 at a time!

Paparazzi Accessories is ROCKIN’ my WORLD!

So it has been almost a month since the BIGGEST Paparazzi Party of the year, convention! It was held again in Beautiful Las Vegas. This was my 2nd Paparazzi convention & OMG the awesome changes that were announced were truly LIFE CHANGING! Just some of the changes were a FREE ONLINE STORE for ALL CONSULTANTS & Offering new starter kit options including one for just $99 (with a retail value of over $175)! And I can’t forget the fashion fix that gives us EXCLUSIVE pieces of jewelry. Oh my goodness there is NO BETTER TIME to join my PAPARAZZI FAMILY. We are heading into our PEAK season & I would love to have you join me. You can check out my Paparazzi store & get more info about the Paparazzi opportunity by going to . Please feel free to call me 309.525.1970 or email me